joi, 7 octombrie 2010


            Last sunday, me, my mom and her friend Maria went hiking.
            Fitting out! Let`s go, I told her, when she asked me if I wanted to go with her.
            Destination: Maluroasa
            I knew it , I never be in the first rise, but I do not give up!
            We admired the forest, the haystacks, also I saw when the rummage the boar did in one place.
            We enter the garden! There, I saw sheep, I was very excited to met them, after a time the shepherd and the sheepdog  appeared !

            Uh…It was time for fun!!!
            I was very scared, I asked the shepherd to call his dogs…no way! Five of them ran towards us, barked…we were surrounded! I had little heart! I was really afraid, I was sitting flat on a plum tree and I watched them.
            Three of them were in front of us, and two in rear;
            My mom told me not to move: ``Let`s be still!``
             I threw to them a piece of bread with the thought that we`ll become friends, but it was not so…they barked, barked, barked! ``Stop please, crazy dogs:!`` :)
            At a time, three of them sat down on the grass…Good boys!!:)  They admired us! Also we admired them :) There were three black, one gray and one white! The last one looked like a kid dog, but those blacks were very noisy.

            I would like to photograph them, but I thought the flash would disturb them, and would become more aggressive. For 15 minutes, they stayed  around us!
``Come back, to your sheep!``. The shepherd kept on crying…but in vain. They did not move!
            After a time, the shepherd came…and told them off that they did not listen !
            I saw the dogs were wearing a collar with a stick, and the shepherd explained to me that all sheepdogs have that! the shepherd explained that most dogs that go along with a herd of sheep, wearing a collar with a stick, that lessens their running speed. And I wasn't supposed to give them any bread, that's the reason they didn't leave from us anymore!
            Uh… I thought that we would not escape!!
            Advice: stay away from the sheep, sheepdogs are very close and they do not like strangers! :)

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