duminică, 9 ianuarie 2011

Romanian tradition

On the 7th of January we celebrated Sf.Ioan. It`s a red letter day and in Romanian tradition in my grandparents village people celebrated : ``Iordanii``. What does Iordanii mean? People dress in traditional costume and a lot of them wear masks. The priest sprinkles people with holy water when he passes them. The musical instruments are present in this celebration, in the village resound the trompet and the trompeter announces that Iordanii has begun. 

A donkey helps them carry food and drink. You feel a shiver when you heat the trompets sound and Iordanii grumble. It goes to Iordanii on the evening of Boboteaza till midnight and is continuing next morning on the day Sf Ioan. They go from house of house and thrown people up in the air. If you are thrown you`ll be a lucky person this year. Around 12 pm when people are from church, the Iordanii wait outside the church for the faithful to come out so they can throw them in the air. Click here to see the gorgeous pictures.

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